Outdoor activities

Our goal is to offer a unique experience to discover the Pollino National Park alternating adventure with relaxation, adapting services and offers to the needs of our guests.

Our guest house is affiliated and collaborates with several official guides and operators of the Park, active both on the territory of Basilicata and Calabria.

Tell us what you like and would like to try and we will take care of the rest.

<<Being amongst the wilderness allows one to perceive and understand the emotions that nature stimulates.>>

This project was born from a young Lucanian Carlo Marsico, a hiking environmental guide, guide of the Italian Rafting Federation and guide of the National Mountain Bike Academy that has invested resources and energies aimed at the enhancement of his land.


<<Nature is my home. I love nature in all its forms and I like to accompany people to the most beautiful places in my land, in the hope that it will serve to protect them.

In addition to the environment I love local history, it made me discover that my land has also been the scene of important settlements, events and hides millennial traditions.>>

Giuseppe Cosenza is a Hiking Guide and Official Guide of the Pollino National Park, who deals with the organization of excursions, trekking, school trips on Pollino and Basilicata.



<<Experiencing winter in the heart of the Pollino National Park with cross-country skiing is a truly unique experience. Inside the woods or on the highlands, this activity gives direct contact with nature whilst skiing. A few safety lessons and then you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Park in the company of a National Master of Nordic Skiing.>>

On the snow or when nature awakens, you can experience the mountain with days of trekking and Nordic Walking with Iole Esposito  the Official and Exclusive Guide of the Pollino National Park, National Master of Cross-Country Skiing and Master Nordic Walking.


<<I walk to have deep contact with my surroundings. I walk to rediscover nature, to know it and to live it with greater awareness, in the continuous search for emotions to share and to give to those who walk the path with me.>>

Rosaria Mainieri has always had a great love for nature and her land and has transformed this passion into a job, Official Guide of the Pollino National Park where she deals with trekking and hiking.


<<Visiting Pollino National Park is like delving into one of nature’s most pristine parts of the Italian peninsula.>>

Infopollino is a hiking center made up of Official Guides and specialized staff ready to offer Trekking to the Loricati Pines, Acquatrekking, River Tubing, Snowshoeing and walks to the collection of mushrooms and chestnuts.


<<Lao Canyon is a breathtaking natural spectacle that has become famous thanks to rafting. It is the perfect adventure for those who love to have fun in total harmony with nature, always guided by our professionals in total safety>>

River Tribe is a unique outdoor center that offers over 14 outdoor sports activities in a breathtaking environment, it is a perfect combination of nature, sport, adventure and spirituality, after only 3 years it becomes the 1st outdoor center in Europe for NatGeo Traveller U.K. in 2019.


<<A spectacular descent along the rapids of the Lao River, discovering a wild and unspoiled nature through one of the most fascinating canyons in Europe, a unique experience within everyone’s reach.>>

Lao Rafting is a team with decades of experience specializing in the descent of the Lao River aboard special inflatable boats, rafting is one of the most fascinating river sports generally known as extreme sports, but it is actually a fun and suitable activity for everyone.


<<There is no age limit when learning to ride a horse as there are various levels of difficulty. Like most sports, this is more fun and safe if you learn the right techniques from the get-go.>>

The Iannibelli Equestrian Center sets among its primary objectives the promotion of the territory by offering all lovers of horse riding and nature various itineraries that allow you to cross on horseback the varied and multiple environments of the Pollino National Park.


<<Moving in height among the trees like the animals of the forest is the spirit that animates all those who try their hand at dealing with the various passages of the adventure paths>>

Parco Avventura Pollino has federal instructors and technicians who accompany students and enthusiasts on aerial routes and to take their first steps in engaging sports such as climbing, orienteering and much more.


<<The story told by Pollino National Park and its museums.>>

Meeting nature, history and technology in a simple and engaging way the Pollino Eco Museum tells every aspect of the park’s territory. From history, flora and fauna to culture and traditions, the Ecomuseum is an attractive hub for visitors of all ages.


The Pollino Museum of Natural History originates from the discovery of pachydermy fossils carried out in the early 1980s. In the following decades there have been continuous finds such as the almost complete skeleton of Elephas antiquus italicus, a mandible rhinoceros (stephanorhinus cf. S. Hundsheimensis)  and the skeleton of Hippopotamus antiquus, which document the history of the territory.


The Grotta e il Riparo del Romito constitute one of the most important deposits in southern Italy dating back to the late Pleistocene. Their relevance in prehistoric documentation is linked to the grandeur of stratigraphy, the importance of archaeological evidence and the potential for information for the reconstruction of the environment and the activities of homo sapiens communities that inhabited the site at the end of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.


Pollino National Park